To ask for Dedicated Servant Premium

Serv. HP ProLiant Deciliter 120 Xeon Core Quad 2.4
Ram memory: 4 GB
2 Hard disks 1 TV
1 dedicated IP
1,000 GB monthly transference
Datacenter in Type TIER II
UPS for all our servers
Superfluous connection of shared 1GB
5 Mbps mín. guaranteed by servant

Additional services

Cost of setup: $39.900 + IVA
- It includes assembly in datacenter of Servant.
- Installation of operating system Windows or Linux according to asks for the client (it does not include the license).
- For Linux Servers it includes installation of WHM Cpanel (it does not include the license).
- Configuration of DNS for servers with WHM.

Period to pay

It selects the time by which you want to contract the service.

[10% of discount]
[20% of discount]
[33% of discount]
It wishes that we activate the Backup?
It wishes Discs in Rhelp 1?
It wishes that we activate customized DNS for Dedicated his?
Additional services to your Plan
IP Fixes Additional
[Monthly Payment $9,900 + IVA]
Operating system:

It selects the operating system that you wish to contract.

[Monthly Payment $30,000 + IVA]
[Monthly Payment $30,000 + IVA]
[Monthly Payment $60,000 + IVA]


The majority of the companies lodges their Webs in shared servers. A shared servant means that a good number of Webs is lodged in the same servant, sharing the resources of the machine.

Unlike the Servers of dedicated Hosting, hosting shared is much more cheap and ideal for companies that do not have transactions by credit card, they do not have much traffic or they do not contain in his data bases very sensible and important information.
The companies that depend on their Webs and data bases for their business would have to invest more in controlled and deprived surroundings, as they are it the dedicated servers.

What you will obtain with a Dedicated Servant?

1. Safe protection of data: privacy, security.
2. Use exclusively of the resources of the servant: yield, power, speed.
3. Total control on the installed applications.