Protection of Data

In fulfillment with LAW 19628 ON PROTECTION OF LIFE DEPRIVED on privacy of the personal data.

The present Policy of Privacy regulates so much the data processing of personal character that HOSTINGCENTER.CL Ltda. (in future, HOSTINGCENTER.CL) realises as person in charge of the treatment, as the regime of protection of data applicable to served by HOSTINGCENTER.CL when it acts as in charge of the treatment of the data that the users try in their services.

In both cases, whether HOSTINGCENTER.CL it acts as person in charge or as in charge of the treatment, it is strictly fulfilled the exigencies of the effective norm in the matter of protection of personal data, and an absolute respect by the data and privacy of the users stays.

This Policy is permanently accessible through connection qualified in the website, denominated “Protection of data?, and can be updated at any time, either as a result of a normative change or to modify the configuration of the services or the type of developed business. The modifications that imply changes in the benefit of the contracted service, or require of the consent of the interested ones, they will communicate with an advance of thirty days so that the interested ones can indicate their opposition to the treatment of their data according to the described change, or so that the clients can adopt the measures that they consider opportune in relation to the communicated modification. If passed the proportionate term the user accedes s again its services or it does not communicate his opposition, will be understood accepted the new conditions.

PERSON IN CHARGE OF THE TREATMENT. HOSTINGCENTER.CL deals with the data loyal and allowed form; it only treats those data that consider in relation to the scope and the determined purposes suitable, pertinent and nonexcessive, explicit and legitimate for that it obtains them, and it does not use them for incompatible purposes with those for which the data have been picked up.
The users of website HOSTINGCENTER.CL (in future, the users) are responsible for the veracity and the present time of the data that they provide to HOSTINGCENTER.CL, considering themselves exact and present the data facilitated by they themselves. The users can modify and/or update their data, and their preferences on the treatment of the facilitated data, through the configuration of the options that are available in the “Area Client? (also denominated, “Zone of Clients?).

In order to accede and/or to sail by the HOSTINGCENTER.CL website it is not necessary to contribute any data.

The obligatory character of the answer to the questions that consider, or of the data that are asked for through website, indicates by means of the incorporation of an asterisk (*) after the question or field of the form. In case of not providing the required data it will not be possible to serve asked for or functionality.

HOSTINGCENTER.CL will only treat the personal data provided by the users in accordance with the described purposes in this Policy and the General Conditions of Hiring of the services contracted by the users, who enumerate themselves merely with declarative character next:

Users: the data are used in order to manage the account and services contracted by the users, as much at technical level as at countable, fiscal or administrative level, and/or to notify incidences, new features or any information to them of interest on their services.

HOSTINGCENTER.CL uses the data of contact provided by the users to send to them, by electronic mediums or no, information on the improvements that are implementing in the services that these have contracted, and to maintain to them informed on the new features that consider that they can be of his interest (supplies and promotions). HOSTINGCENTER.CL is absolutely opposite to the practice of the Spamming: the user is the one who decides – and authorizes if he wants to receive or not this type of communications, either when registering itself as user in HOSTINGCENTER.CL and, therefore, accepting the General Conditions of HOSTINGCENTER.CL and the present Policy, or when soliciing information of this type by anyone of anticipated means of contact in the Web.

Suggestions, Complaints or Commentaries: the successfully obtained data are used to take care of the received communications and to provide the corresponding answer to them

Contact: the data received by anyone of means and/or indicated channels of contact in the website, are used to contact and/or to manage the request or communicated incidence.
Other forms Web (Sponsorships, new the TLD, etc.): the information is used for the purpose described in the own form Web.

The users allow the treatment of their data in the terms previously indicated by means of the acceptance of the present Policy of Privacy when registering themselves as HOSTINGCENTER.CL user, or when sending information or using anyone of anticipated means of contact in website HOSTINGCENTER.CL, or when contracting the specific service that demands this treatment in accordance with the General Conditions of Hiring of the service that corresponds.
The users must abstain to provide personal character data of interested others, unless they have the pertinent authorization, according to which shelp interested previous and they will have been properly informed on the content of the present Policy of Privacy and, in particular, that allow that their data are facilitated to HOSTINGCENTER.CL to be treated according to the purposes that correspond, as well as that can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (in future, denominated ARC jointly) in the terms described in this same Policy.
In any case, HOSTINGCENTER.CL will cancel the registered data as soon as they have stopped being necessary or pertinent for the purpose for which they successfully obtained themselves, being able to conserve them – properly blocked during the time in which some type of responsibility derived from a relation or legal obligation or the execution of a contract or the application of precontractual measures asked for by the interested one can demand itself.

HOSTINGCENTER.CLl does not yield data to third parties, unless a Law or a communitarian norm prepares the opposite, or if it is necessary for the benefit of the contracted service. In such case, it only communicates those data essential to manage the request of the users and to serve contracted, so that the cession responds the free one and legitimate acceptance of an existing legal relation between interested and the HOSTINGCENTER.CL, whose development, fulfillment and control necessarily implies the connection of the data and that includes the necessary transmission of the same.

In case a user leaves a commentary or interacts socially with the website of HOSTINGCENTER.CL or in the social networks in which this is present, it must have present that their data will be published in the surroundings in which it acts, that is to say, it will be authorizing specifically the communication of his data - associated to the action that realises - to the rest of users who accede to the website or social network.

The given consent, as much for the treatment as for the cession of the data of the interested ones, is revocable at any time communicating it to HOSTINGCENTER.CL in the terms established in this Policy for the exercise of the rights ARC. This revocation in no case will have retroactive character.
The interested ones can exercise their rights ARC, and to by email revoke the consent given for the treatments and/or cessions of its data, at any time asking for it postal sent to the Legal Department of HOSTINGCENTER.CL, sending an e-mail to [email protected] In any case, will have to accompany the request by a copy of the official document that credits the identity of the holder of the data.
HOSTINGCENTER.CL does not deal with data juniors in any case, since it only allows the registry as user and the hiring of services through website HOSTINGCENTER.CL to people of legal age with total ability to act in the legal traffic.

ORDERED OF THE TREATMENT. - Cession of data is not considered, the access and/or data processing of personal character that are responsibility of the HOSTINGCENTER.CL users when these are necessary for the suitable benefit of the services that these have contracted. In such cases, HOSTINGCENTER.CL will have the condition of in charge of the treatment in accordance with the effective norm in the matter of protection of data.
The regime of protection of data applicable to these treatments regulates so much in the present Policy, as in the General Conditions of Hiring of the corresponding Service and in the Particular Conditions that form the order or final request (denominated as a whole, Main Contract).
The user who contracts the service (in future, Contracting person), or if so the third organization that decides on the purpose, contended, use and treatment of the personal data, are the only people in charge of the data that lodge in the services of HOSTINGCENTER.CL. HOSTINGCENTER.CL exclusively treats the lodged information in their services on behalf of the Contracting person in the terms and conditions stipulated in the Main Contract.

The Contracting person, or the third organization to which this is serving him trying data of which that one is responsible, show that they are titular of archives that contain legally successfully obtained personal character data and that, by virtue of the services contracted HOSTINGCENTER.CL, it authorizes his treatment, in the measurement that is necessary for the benefit of the same.
In those cases in that, HOSTINGCENTER.CL could have access to the data, is committed not to apply, to use, or to reveal the data dealt with aims different from which is derived from the Main Contract. HOSTINGCENTER.CL will only treat the contained data in their services to execute the services contracted on behalf of the Contracting person in attention the instructions that it indicates to him and, in no case, will use them for purposes different from the decrees in the Main Contract.

HOSTINGCENTER.CL will not communicate nor will allow the access to the treated data to any third party, not even for their conservation, unless: in the Main Contract the opposite settles down itself, or the communication is necessary for the benefit of the contracted services or that the cession comes imposed by a norm with rank from Law. In this sense, the contracting person authorizes specifically to HOSTINGCENTER.CL, contracting anyone of the services available in website HOSTINGCENTER.CL, subcontracting whichever organizations is necessary for the correct benefit of the detailed services in the Main Contract. The organizations thus subcontracted will have the condition of in charge of the treatment, they will be put under the same rules of protection of data and confidentiality that HOSTINGCENTER.CL and will regulate their relation with HOSTINGCENTER.CL in accordance with the normative one on protection of data. The identity of these subcontracted organizations is published in website HOSTINGCENTER.CL

In case person Contracting acts as in charge of treatment of one third organization responsible for data must to guarantee before to contract any service that implies the treatment of those data, that counts on the express authorization of this to come to the sub-contracting of the services that had entrusted to him and that agrees with the intention of the Main Contract, also assures that the relation with the third organization responsible for the data is legally regulated according to the exigencies of the effective norm in the matter of protection of data prior to the hiring of the service through HOSTINGCENTER.CL. On the contrary, it will have to abstain to subcontract with HOSTINGCENTER.CL and if it fails to fulfill this prohibition will be responsible and assume any sanction that is dominated the same as a result of this absence of legitimation.

HOSTINGCENTER.CL only provides the technical infrastructure, and in case therefore it is contracted, the administration of the same, confining its responsibility to the provided safety measures to in relation to these functions. Therefore, its responsibility will be limited those tasks that, by the own nature of the Main Contract, must directly be carried out by HOSTINGCENTER.CL in the services (such as for example, the restriction from access to the premises where the resources are located that lodge the data).

HOSTINGCENTER.CL declines any responsibility on the infringement of the security systems of the Contracting person or the immunity of the information when it is transported through any communications network. HOSTINGCENTER.CL will not respond of those incidences of security that take place as a result of an attack or nonauthorized access to the systems of such form that is impossible to detect it or to even prevent being adopted it the necessary measures according to the state of the present technology, or of a lack of diligence of the user or Contracting person in relation to the guard and either guards of their personal keys of access and/or data.

The Contracting person recognizes that these measures adjust to the level of security applicable to the type of information treated as a result of the benefit of the service that HOSTINGCENTER.CL realises on behalf of the Contracting person, in accordance with established in the effective norm in matter the protection of data. She corresponds, exclusively, to the Contracting person to value if the conditions of the Main Contract are adapted to their needs and fulfill the legal requirements to which Treatment is forced as Person in charge of the File/.
In case the treatment to realise requires of some additional measurement to which they indicate themselves in the Main Contract, the Contracting person will have to put it in HOSTINGCENTER.CL knowledge with the intention of which she can offer the possibility of contracting to additional technologies and services to him necessary to implement this safety measure. The hiring of the additional measurement will be realised by means of the formalization of a specific document that will be annexed to the Main Contract. If HOSTINGCENTER.CL could not provide the additional measurement required by the Contracting person will communicate it to this as soon as possible.

In case for the benefit of the contracted service it was required of a not communicated to HOSTINGCENTER.CL or not contracted additional measurement after offering this option to him to the Contracting person, HOSTINGCENTER.CL will not respond of the lack of implantation of the safety measures demanded by the effective norm in the matter of protection of data. In the same way, in case the qualification of the level of the file treated by HOSTINGCENTER.CL for the benefit of the contracted service outside erroneous, HOSTINGCENTER.CL will not respond either of the lack of adjustment of the safety measures to the arranged thing in the norm.

The Contracting person will have to notify the identification of the archives or treatments on which HOSTINGCENTER.CL is ordered of the treatment, indicating the name of the file, its level of security and the data of the Person in charge of the File/Treatment, as well as to notify any change in the previous data. In case of not providing this information she will consider herself that data processing of personal character does not exist.

HOSTINGCENTER.CL will conserve the personal character data to which it has had access in regard to served, as well as any support or document in which they consist, during the time in which is effective the Main Contract or while therefore a Law arranges it. Finalized this, it will destroy the data and any supports or documents in which these are gotten up, considering the characteristics of the contracted services and the stipulated periods of retention, where appropriate, in the Main Contract. However, HOSTINGCENTER.CL will be able to conserve the data and treated information, properly blocked, in the case that could derive responsibilities from their relation with the Contracting person. The destruction of the information will be realised without needing emitting formal communication or certification some in which it pronounces that the same has been taken to end.

HOSTINGCENTER.CL is committed to keep the professional secret with respect to the data to which it accedes by virtue of the Main Contract, and when having to keep them, obligations that will still subsist after finalizing their relation with the Contracting person. The rest of obligations anticipated in relation to the data processing on behalf of third parties, will be extinguished at the moment at which the data have been erased or eliminated of the equipment of some way or data storage, destroyed or turned into inaccessible.