Frequent questions

How I ask for a service?

It is very simple selects the plan of hosting that you want from our website and you ask for it directly. In less than 30 minutes your service will be active. In this period of time it will receive the post office of accesses and payment.
It remembers that it is very important that the data that fill in the form are real, because on that depends the activation of the service.
Also it remembers to verify that the post office are not received as Spam or not wished.

How I can pay?

It can pay by means of I deposit or transference in our checking account. Informaciín of the account is sent to him in the mail of welcome and the note of sale.
From the zone of clients you can review the details of the account at any time.
Once realised the payment this Notification of Payment? of nuesto is due to notify in the section “website. This is the only form to validate its transaction.

Because I must notify the payment?

The only form that we must to validate the data of your payment and invoices is by means of the notification of payment.
Lamentably we cannot be based on the mail that sends the banks when doing transferences because not always they give the correct detail of which it is what the client pays. We even have many cases in which the person who pays is not the same that contract. For that reason the only form is that the client confirms his payment in our website

I have to pay so that the service activates?

We are sure that our service will enchant to you and for that reason we even activated it before you pay. In fact we give 7 days you so that you prove it without commitment.

Hasn't My invoice arrived to me where I can request it?

If I already realise the payment and the notification of this in our site, and not yet it receives the invoice after the 5 working days of term, you can ask for a copy to [email protected]
It remembers that all the services that are contracted are invoiced or to natural companies or people.